front cover of Josh Boldt's novel Moneymaker

An all-consuming and exhilarating read…highly recommend.” –BookSirens

“A heart-pounding, action-packed novel filled with suspense, drama and twisty turns.” –Robin’s Reviews

Mack Abbott, a Navy veteran turned freelance surveillance expert, is working for a client in Atlanta and struggling to adapt to civilian life. His path takes a dangerous turn when he is hired to track a drug shipment off the coast of Savannah. Entangled with local smugglers, Abbott’s one connection in town is Avery Calloway, a feisty exotic dancer with questionable motives and a taste for the smugglers’ product. Abbott and Calloway navigate treacherous waters as their relationship deepens and the smugglers close in around them.

For fans of Josh Boldt’s storytelling, Moneymaker offers a glimpse into the early years of a familiar character in Mack Abbott. Set in 1997, Moneymaker takes place two decades before the events of Slurry. Discover the origins of Abbott’s journey and unravel the mysteries that shaped his future in this gripping tale of intrigue and suspense.

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All of Josh Boldt’s novels are available through Ingram with a standard wholesale discount.

  • Moneymaker: 9781735954127
  • The False Favorite: 9780578632582
  • Slurry: 9781735954103

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