Two New Novels Coming Soon!

I have two new novels drafted! They are both in the revision process now. I expect to release one this year, and the other in 2025. Look for another announcement later this year that will have a planned release date and detailed synopsis for the first novel.

My anticipated 2024 release is a novel with the working title Moneymaker. If you read Slurry, you will recognize one of Moneymaker’s main characters: Mack Abbott. Hired muscle for the Jefferson Mining Company, Abbott played only a small role in Slurry. However, his character intrigued many readers who wanted to know more about him, as did I.

Moneymaker is set about twenty years prior to Slurry in 1997. Mack Abbott is fresh out of the Navy, doing freelance surveillance work. When he is hired to track a drug shipment off the coast of Savannah, he quickly finds himself in deep with a gang of local smugglers. Abbott’s one connection in town, an exotic dancer he meets named Avery, may or may not have his best interest at heart while she deals with her own personal demons. In Moneymaker, we get a taste of Mack Abbott as a younger man and learn how he wound up in the role in which we found him two decades later in Slurry.