One Project Wednesday

Imagine if we dedicated every Wednesday to working on one single project. If we set aside a day each week to pick one item from our to-do list and then refuse to allow any other tasks to creep into our workload.

When was the last time you concentrated on a single project? I’m talking about totally focused energy with no distractions where hours pass before you look up.

I closed my office door today and spent about six straight hours in the code for a web tool we’re currently working on. And it was amazing. I emerged about 3pm, having skipped lunch, but having finally drafted a working CSS file.

Developers seem to have more opportunities to enter the flow state than designers do. It’s rare for us to be able to get lost in code like a programmer can. We often have to switch between mediums and software throughout the day. One hour we’re writing copy, the next we’re editing photos, and the next we’re tweaking CSS.

I enjoy this daily variety in the life of a designer, but it can be harder to get in the zone and really focus. If your work affords the opportunity to withdrawal for four hours tomorrow, do it. Pick a single project and allow nothing to distract you from it during that designated time block. It feels good to actually move the needle on one of the many tasks you’re juggling.





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