Save Money.

Save Time.

Save the Environment.

Do you need more motivation to go paperless? Transitioning your business to paperless is not only a strategy for green-conscious companies. Nine times out of ten it also saves time and money. Saving money while saving the world? That’s a no-brainer.

Digital Files

You have probably heard of a paperless business, but maybe you aren’t sure exactly how it works. A paperless business uses online cloud storage like Google Drive or OneDrive to store files digitally rather than keeping them in rows and rows of metal filing cabinets hidden away in a dark, dingy basement. Once your docs are in the cloud they can be searched and located much easier than the old way of flipping through stacks of paper…not to mention you can access those new digital files from anywhere.

Online Forms

Another advantage of going paperless is the use of online forms. Online forms are filled out directly on your website and then submitted automatically to your email. Much better than the old and cumbersome method of printing a PDF, filling it out, and mailing it in.

We can help your business go paperless by building a cloud file storage system and digitizing all of your forms. We can even help you scan your old paper files into your new cloud environment.

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