Be Invisible

Whenever possible, be invisible. The less you intrude, the better your user experience will be.

Think about the website that immediately interrupts you to beg for an email. We haven’t even met yet and they’re already asking for something. Talk about an intrusion! It’s a panhandler standing by the ATM to hit every person up for money the instant they withdraw it.

You might get a few dollars, but at what cost? You’ve compromised your integrity and alienated 95% of the people you approach. The visitors you lose in the first ten seconds will never come back. Never. Maybe not a big deal for the panhandler, but terrible practice for a business.

If you’re providing good information and creating a powerful user experience, you’ll get the loyalty you seek. Your conversion rate will be higher and your bounce rate will be lower. People will come back. They’ll stay longer. They’ll tell their friends about you.

The more visible you become, the worse your user experience gets. Let your content do the talking for you. Create good experiences without begging for attention, and your visitors will come looking for you instead.

Be invisible.






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