Technology Director


I’m the Director of Information Technology for the University of Kentucky College of Education, so these days I get to focus more on developing and cultivating talent in others, which I happen to really enjoy.

But I always like to remember I’ve done the work and earned my time. I’m no stranger to coding and hustling, and in the past I’ve led creative teams in the development of digital strategies that have resulted in:

  • National media coverage in several news outlets including The New York Times and NPR
  • Thousands of engaged Facebook and Twitter followers
  • A viral Google Doc that was collaboratively edited by over 5,000 people
  • Website overhauls that led to a dramatic increase in visitors and user opt-in
  • Online ad campaigns with over 50% conversion rate and CPC of less than $0.03
  • Multiple 1st place keyword rankings in Google search
  • An iOS and Android app that was featured in the App Store

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